Soaked. By Emmaa Rydal

It's Wine O'Clock! When do you stop?

Imogen and Rich don't care if the glass is half full or half empty, as long there is wine in it that's what's important. That's how they unwind, how they party, how they deal with the stresses of life; young children, high powered jobs. But after twenty years of drinking to excess, Imogen is having second thoughts. She's tired of waking up with an unexplained bruise, tired of beating herself up when she's drunk too much, tired of being tired, but is it enough? When life has become so intertwined with the powerful nectar is it easy to break away, or do relationships start to unravel? Perhaps a wake-up call is all she needs?

Filled with humour and drama 'Soaked' seeks to unnerve.

Rosehill Theatre and La'al Marra Productions presented the premier of Soaked on Saturday 30 September 2017 followed by a post show discussion. Soaked is the new play by acclaimed local writer and actress Emma Rydal and the first play co-produced by Rosehill Theatre after the £2.7m redevelopment of the venue. Soaked toured Cumbria and Manchester in the Autumn of 2017 and, following its success, returned in Summer 2018 at The Kirkgate Centre in Cockermouth followed by a run in Keswick at The Theatre By The Lake.

Soaked Soaked Soaked

Cumbria Guide Magazine review, October 2017

Review by Ste Murphy,

If like me you have not sat and watched a play for years, well this is one play that will certainly entertain, have you laughing, have you thinking, but more importantly have you looking forward to another play in the near future.

Soaked takes a humorous look at how a nightly night-cap can soon turn into a daily nightmare.

Emma Rydal not only takes on the lead role of Imogen but also wrote Soaked.
Imogen is your stereotypical yummy-mummy who you would expect to find wandering up and down the aisles of any Waitrose whilst stocking up on the latest fad food of the day and of course, wine.

A rather stressed out Marketing Guru who finds her idyllic middle-class lifestyle being turned upside down, partly because of her own weakness to be lead astray by hubby and tech-wizz Rich, with the the simple popping of a cork or the sound of a bottle being unscrewed.

Witty, funny and engaging, we see Imogen and Rich basically do what many of us do after a hard day, feet up, bottle open and relax.

But these two are as bad as each other, neither takes much encouragement to get the party started and neither can find the ability to simply stop.

Alas the consequences are as plain as day, much to our delight. Seriously, they had me laughing. Both Imogen and Rich find themselves out of their depth as things quickly spiral out of control.

There is a serious message underlying Soaked which is, basically, watch how you drink not what you drink. That message however may have been largely lost on the audience at Rosehill Theatre on the opening night, as the bar was six-deep and I think most of us were, well, quite Soaked ourselves.

Great cast, great acting and a bloody good script makes for a great excuse to get yourselves along to Soaked.

Soaked Soaked

Showcase audience response

It was a really great show, can't wait to find out what happens next. I found it increasingly uncomfortable to watch as it felt disturbingly familiar.

Naturalistic, truthful dialogue with a light touch, I was interested in all the characters.

The showcase already had favourable reviews and has received funding from the Arts Council England and Cumbria County Council. The play is directed by Peter McQueen, stalwart of the Theatre by the Lake. He has also toured with his one-man shows 'Old Herbaceous' and 'The Professor of Adventure'. The cast for Soaked comprises Emma Rydal, Toby Gaffney and Madeleine Joseph. Original score by local composer Nick Smith from Issi Noho and set and costume design by Emma Bayliss from Whitehaven.

The show opened at Rosehill Theatre in September 2017 and toured Cumbria, Lancaster and Manchester in October 2017.

Soaked is back in 2018 at The Kirkgate Centre in Cockermouth on 21st July followed by a run at The Theatre By The Lake in Keswick from 6-11 August. For full tour dates, and to book tickets, click here.

Soaked has received recognition from alcohol support group Soberistas* on the issues that are raised in the production.

* is an independent peer support website aimed at women with problematic drinking behaviours. There are thousands of people worldwide who belong to the Soberistas community; a non-religious, non-judgmental and completely anonymous online space for anyone looking for support in dealing with alcohol problems. A recent survey on Soberistas carried out by the University of Southampton showed that 47% of members had never accessed any other type of support before signing up to the website. Soberistas is aimed at women but not exclusively so - about 10% of members are men.

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